Why Choose Us?

Children are the heart of our centre and we follow their interests to create rich and exciting experiences that they will remember forever.

Jannali Pre-School Kindergarten is rated as ‘Exceeding’ against all 7 areas of the National Quality Standards.

Here’s why families choose Jannali Pre-School Kindergarten:

  • Our high child / educator ratio.
  • The skill and experience of our educators, with a University-trained teacher in every class everyday.
  • Continuity of educators. Your child will have the same educator all day every day.
  • Our innovative child-focused program.
  • Our literacy rich, school transition program and relationships with local primary schools.
  • Interactive tablets to enhance our learning investigations and creative thinking.
  • Our beautiful playground and range of experiences on offer.
  • Our focus on sustainability. Children love being the ‘Environmental Monitor’ for the day and tending to our veggie patch.
  • Our open, inclusive relationship with families.

We love to show families around our centre to experience for themselves why we are so special. Please get in touch to arrange a visit.